Seymour R-II 2016 Annual Performance Report

Seymour R-II 2016 Annual Performance Report

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Below you will find links directly to Seymour School data on the state website. There is also a breakdown of what each of the numbers mean.

District Wide APR:
District APR Link

School Building APR Break Down:
High School APR / Middle School APR / Elementary School

The Seymour R-II Annual Performance Report (APR) is divided into five
scored areas with the possibility of scoring a total of 140 points.


– The District scored 119 points during the 2015-2016 school year or 85% of available points.
– The prior 2014-2015 year, the District score was 131 points or 93.6% of available points.
– From which of the five scored areas where the 12 points lost compared to the year before?
     o District lost 7 points in science MAP scores; Elementary & Middle School scores went down.
     o District lost 2 points in high school Map scores; Government EOC scores went down
     o District lost 4 points in high school college and career ready assessments
     ***Note: Actually, this adds up to 13 points but math scores district-wide went up 1 point reducing the point total to 12.


– The buildings still struggle with attendance: the standard is 90% of students attending 90% of the time.
      o Elementary…………….87.5%
      o Middle……………………84.0%
      o High……………………….87.1%
– On the positive side, the District scored 16 out of 16 points available or 100% of available points in both math and English.