Music Department Goes to Pittsburg State University

Music Department Goes to Pittsburg State University

By: EL News Director


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On Saturday the Middle School Bands and Cub Choir traveled to PSU in Pittsburg, Kansas for the Mid-America Music Contest. While at the festival the students performed with their ensemble and performed solos.  The 6th Grade Band and 7th-8th Grade both earned 1 Ratings and the Cub Choir Earned a 2 Rating.

The following students received a 1 Rating for their Solos:

1-Joseph Watkins – solo
1-Julyn Edward / Lily Breesawitz – duet
1-Jordanne Davidson / Luke Lansdown – duet
1-Destiny Hennigh – solo
1-Felicity Cantrell – Solo
1-Carly Mitchell – solo
1-Kori Allen / Carly Mitchell – duet
1-Hailey Felton – solo
1-Claire Hallmark – solo
1-Morgan Stoneking – solo
1-Kori Allen / Riley Ferrier – duet
2-Haley Mack – Solo
1- Promise Cantrell – Solo
1- Lacy Ruiz – Piano
2-Hanna – Solo
1-Daisee – Solo
1-Colton- Solo/Piano
1-Hannah Clark -Solo
1-Katelynn Smith – Solo
1-Chaney Watson – Solo
1-Sydnie Malley – Solo
1-Shae Peters – Piano
2-Harley Watkins – Solo
1-Mabel Cook – Solo/Piano
1- Emberlynn Hull – Solo
2- Libby Light – Solo
3- Caitlin Salkil – Solo
3-Christen Wormington – Solo